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 Including same day diagnosis! 

Motherboard repairs

 Discouraged by other repair shops? Let us save your motherboard and save you $$. 

Same day screen replacements

 Laptop screen replacements at the lowest possible price. 650-363-1533 


Same day repairs

 Bring your Mac or PC in today and we'll fix it today! (if parts are in stock) 

Liquid damage accidents

 Accidents happend, don't panic. Bring you Mac or PC for a quote and consultation. No appointment is necessary. 

Data Recovery

We know how important is your data and we are ready to save it

iPhone data transfer

 Got the new iPhone? Let us do the tedious and confusing work of transferring your Data. 

Customer feedback

Hector F ★★★★★

 Once again Dario saved us again! Son's Apple computer crashed. Dario was able to retrieve the data and replace the hard drive without losing any of his college papers and stuff. His stay cool demeanor makes any troublesome situation seems like "not a problem."

Who needs an apple Genius when we have Dario! 

Ogra G ★★★★★

 Highly recommended place. I came for 2 external hard drives I could not read anymore. They checked them both, and made me pay only for the one that was recoverable, and provided good advice for the other one. Definitely felt I could trust the guys. 

Juan F ★★★★★

 Went in to repair my cracked screen and they were able to do it within an hour and give it to me the same day. They did a such a great job that the next day another one of my friends went in to get his phone fixed as well. 

Ashley Z ★★★★★

 These guys have all-5-star reviews for a reason - they are incredible at what they are doing! Doesn't matter they are not Apple certified, I think they are actually better! Apple didn't want to service my 2011 Mac but they turned it back alive in just 2 days. Through the process they patiently answered all my questions and was transparent about pricing. 

Preetham S ★★★★★

 Ok. Let me get this straight. These guys are the best. I am a software professional and I really mean what I say. I spilled liquid on my Macbook 2017 15 inch laptop(worth $3000). Took it to apple. They said it costs $1475 plus tax. I left with tears. I took it back home, researched a bit and found TechnoUno. I dropped my laptop and they fixed it within 4 days. You will be surprised with the amount. It was $460 including everything. They saved me $1000+. I couldn't believe it. These guys are awesome and they know what they are doing. Anyone here with apple problem, just don't make the extra trip to Apple and take it straight to these guys. 

Adam X ★★★★★

 I came here as I cracked my iphone 7's screen. Dario was extremely helpful and he laid out all the possible solutions and gave me the pros & cons. I was very confident given his honesty and handed the phone right away. The actual repair took less than an hour and I was very pleased.

Fast forward 2 days later, I noticed some minor issues scrolling on the screen and then went back to inquire about it. Dario immediately promised to take care of it and everything works perfect now.

What amazed me was TecnoUNO's honesty and sense of responsibility in taking care of the customers. If anything, I trust them more than even actual Apple stores.