Liquid damage repair experts, Macbook Pro Overheating repair.

Our Services

Custom Build Computer


If you are planing on build a gaming pc or have trouble setting up your own, we can help

iPhone and ipad


As technology advances and we become more dependent of our gadgets, we offer a fast turn around on most repairs.

System Crashes or Data recovery


How frustrating it must be to loose hours of work on a project because a computer failing. We can help you recover your system and save the data you need to finish your project

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No Appointment needed!

We can diagnose any problem.  No appointment is necessary.  Mac or PC (Same day diagnosis available, Call for details)  

Virus Removal


We can  help you identify and remove any malware, virus or spyware from your  computer. Your files will always be safe while removing these kind of  threats. 

Data recovery

 Tecnouno specializes in Data Recovery, we offer flat rates on data  recovery for hard drives with logical errors and free evaluation an all  Data Recovery Cases.  

Cracked Screen

Screen replacement starts at $95 for labor + parts. Same day service is available for some models.  

Data Transfer

 Got a new computer? We can help you transfer, back up or consolidate your data.  

Sudden Shutdowns

Overheating problems can cause your laptop to randomly shut off, a free  thermal assessment is the best way to determine why your laptop is  overheating. Let us help your laptop cool off, come in today. No  appointment is necessary for any of our services.